These are hard times in Lower Hoveltown and Hansel & Gretel’s Step Mother has made the decision to let the sometimes contrary siblings fend for themselves. Join the duo as they find adventure and food in the dark, creepy woods. But this is a pantomime re-telling of this classic tale so there are more laughs than chills in this silly, fun version.

Written and directed by Scott Kennedy with music direction by Suzanne Hockstein, the Panto features a cast including Corinne Delaney, Aoife Williamson, Michelle Hendee, Danny Flinn, Suzanne Hockstein and Kathryn Donnelly.  Parody songs by Suzanne Hockstein, Kathryn Donnelly, Corinne Delaney and Scott Kennedy

Costumes and set design by Suzanne Hockstein

Tickets $15 (adults) $10 (kids, 12 and under)
An Beal Bocht Cafe